In nursing education, organization is part of the basic knowledge base. Nurses must be able to use their time efficiently. Let’s face it would you want a nurse looking after you who was unorganized?

Of course not. Nurses are expensive and patients deserve to have their nurses’ using time efficiently. This is the area that originally started my interest in organizational skills. Subsequently I was in a management position and pursued higher education in management. With the completion of my masters degree in Applied Management (health) I began to see the absolute science of organization and things began to fall into place for me.

It is the merging of both the management and nursing knowledge base that has resulted in this website about organized living. I want to go beyond offering organizing tips and hints and instead present more of a theory base for organization. My hope is that through the reading of the information on these pages you will be able to set up your own systems to improve control of your life through more organized living.

My hope is to be able to put organization into perspective, discuss how it is relevant to people’s lives and how learning about it can help you control your life.

I sincerely hope that the information presented here will help you not only in trying to achieve organized living but also in getting the most out of each ordinary day of your life.