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Bathroom Towel Bars and Holders
Organizing Ideas for Towels and the People Who Use Them

Bathroom towel bars are the common way to store towels in the bathroom. They hang there looking pretty and waiting to be used and then they go back onto the towel rack to dry. (you hope - see these parenting tips)

towels hanging neatly on bathroom towel bars

Ever since the chore of "washing up" moved from the bedroom to the bathroom, towel bars have been pressed into service to as a way to keep the towels at the ready and provide a space for them to dry.

Every bathroom has a towel bar. But is one enough?

Apparently not!

When bathing occurs almost daily and many people share the same bathroom, one device for bathroom towel storage may not be enough.

Your bathroom towel storage solutions will depend on the size of your bathroom and the number of people using it of course, but you will be able to find a solutions from some of the great options that are available today.

How to Organize Your Bathroom

Ideas for Making sure you have the Right Tools for the Right Job

allen key and wrench

Sometimes when you purchase bathroom towel bars they come with their own size of allen wrench or hex wrench. Most of the time that little tool is only for the towel bar it came with.

Tape that little tool to the inside of your bathroom cabinet door and you will always have it ready when that towel rack needs tightening.

Bathroom storage ideas for taming your towel clutter include:

  • Kids cannot reach the bathroom towel bars that are mounted at an adult height. If you want them to return the towels to their assigned space provide an user friendly option at a height that is perfect for them.

  • Use the space behind the bathroom door - that is vertical space too. You can choose an over the door towel rack that mounts directly on the door or even on the hinges.

  • roll up your towels and keep them in storage baskets either on the counter or on the floor, wherever you have room.

  • put a free standing bathroom towel rack in each bedroom to encourage independence and self reliance for management of personal towels.

  • make that a heated towel rack and the only way to get a heated towel is to put it on the rack. You can be assured that anyone in the family who wants the luxury of a heated towel will put in on the rack. The towels cannot get warm on the floor!

  • get two towels in the same amount of space (well almost) - a double towel rack does not take up twice the room, but provides twice the storage space.

  • bathroom towel bars are for hanging towels and not for grabbing. If you are taking care of the elderly replace the towel bar with a grab bar so they have something sturdy to hang onto - towels can go there too!

Parenting Tips for Taming Towel Clutter

If you have a family you already know that towels do not always find their way back to their original home in the bathroom and there never seems to be enough towels for everyone who wants to use the bathroom. Creating a place for everyone to hang their own towels means that the ones you put on the bathroom towel bars will be there when you (or your guests) need them!

Remove mildew towel odors by washing the affected towels in the washing machine in HOT water with nothing added but 2 cups of white vinegar. Once they are finished run them through a hot wash again - do not add anything.

After this second washing dry until thoroughly dry in the dryer.

Teach this trick to your kids and let them manage their own moldy towels!

How To Organize Your Bathroom Towels (not!)

You can move towards taming towel clutter if you move the bathroom towel bars out of the bathroom and into the bedroom! YES it can be done!

If you move bathroom towel storage out of the bathroom and give each family member the responsibility for their own towel management then they must live with the consequences of their towel management decisions.

This means that you cannot rescue someone from a self imposed clean towel shortage. They will have to figure that one out on their own.

It also means that you cannot manage the towels that are kept in their room! Children can never learn to be self reliant if they never have to rely on their own decisions.

If the only towels they have are the moldy wet ones on the floor of their room then those will be the ones they have to use. I can absolutely guarantee you that they will not catch a deadly disease and they might just learn that hanging up the towels in their designated place is the best way to assure a dry towel when you really need one!

Designate each family member to a specific towel color. These are their own personal towels to be kept in their own room and taken to the bathroom for a bath or a shower.

With specific colors assigned to each family member, towels left lying around always shout out the name of their irresponsible owner!

Now That Makes Sense!

by Beverly OMalley

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Towels do not just need organizing in the bathroom. See these ideas for pool towel racks to keep towels around your pool at the ready.

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