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Closet Designs – Got a Closet? Get Organized with Good Measurements

By ken / December 13, 2016

Your closet designs can only work if you have good measurements. There is a reason why the professional closet designer comes to your house with a measuring tape!
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Hot Tips for Closet Organization

Get a good set of measurements for your reach in or walk in closet, the specific bedroom closet organizers you plan to put in there, and yourself too.

120 inches 300 cm
24 inches 60 cm
48 inches 120 cm

Some closet organizers can adapt to various measurements and others come in predefined widths and heights so you need to understand your closet storage space and what will fit in there.
tape measure for closet designs

To get your closet organized, you start with measuring the height, width, and depth of your space.

A standard depth for a reach in design is 24-25 inches (65cm). You will need that much depth in order to accommodate the clothes hangers.

A walk in closet design could be variable in depth and is more like a small room. You will still need the 3 measurements.

Even with a walk in design you still need a minimum of 22 inches (55-60cm) for your “hanging depth”. Except for corner units almost all organizers will be sized between 12 and 15 inches (30 – 42cm) deep but don’t forget that the clothes hangers project out beyond this another 8 inches (20cm) or so.

Once you have your measurements you can begin with creating various closet designs on graph paper.

Here are some standard measurements that can help you determine what you can get into your space. Your design will come together much better if you also have the measurements of the bedroom closet organizers you plan to use.

Both the vertical and horizontal space requirements are approximate.


vertical or hanging space needed # per half meter
clothing item vertical or hanging space needed # that will fit in 12 inches
(horizontal or lineal foot)
69 – 115cm 18-20 blouses/shirts 27″-45″ 12 -15
60 – 115cm 16 skirts 24 – 45″ 11- 13
120 – 125cm 16 slacks 48″ 11-13
105-155cm 15-18 dresses 42 – 60″ 10
90-180cm 10 – 11 jackets 36 – 60″ 6
135-155cm 10-11 suits 54 – 60″ 6


In order to that closet organized and protect the clothing that hangs there, consider these space allowances to reduce wrinkling and allow easy access to your clothing.

For hanging items the measurement indicates the approximate distance to allow between the hanger hooks on the closet bar.
hanging items folded items shoes

hanging items folded items shoes
1″ – 3″
space between hanging blouses and shirts
2.5 – 7.5cm
12″ – 15″
you will need this width for folded sweaters
30 – 40cm
9″ – 12″
each pair of men’s shoes
23 – 30 cm
2″ – 4″
space between hanging suits and dresses
5 – 10cm
9″ – 12″ width for folded shirts 6″ – 9″
width for each pair of women’s shoes
15 – 23cm


Since you are measuring anyway don’t forget to measure yourself!

Standardized measurements are based on a standard person. You are not a standard person if you are taller than 5′ 8″ (173cm) or shorter than 5′ 2″ (157cm).

For example… for a standard person the reaching distance is estimated to be about 70″ (178cm) but if you are under 5′ 2″ you will not be able to reach that.

Your closet will only work for you if you include yourself in the measuring process!
More Closet Organization Tips

There are no secrets to how to organize a closet! You just need to create a place for everything and then put everything in its place!

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