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By ken / December 12, 2016

With so many DIY pill organizers on the market its hard to know which one to choose. The purpose of the DIY pill organizer is to help the elderly person to remain self reliant and safe with medications and supplements. However alot of the units available are hard to read, or the writing comes off.
Some time sit is best to use the prescribed units form the doctors.

While there are many commercially available products for the elderly that will organize pills, sometimes they are not that accessible or even user friendly for failing eyes and cognitive abilities. However the product below has big enough print even for failing eyes and supplied in convenient strips that can be easily accessed.

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Or you can you make one your self using he system shown below
In this DIY project small craft organizers are pressed into service to become magnetic medication containers, that are easily opened and highly visible.

If you are already into DIY crafts and projects you probably have all the necessary materials to create this pill organizer.

Here is what you will need
1. Small clear craft organizers with a pop off lid – I used the 1 1/4″ diameter ones. These are probably the smallest you can get. They are sold in dollar stores and craft stores for organizing supplies like beads and rivets. We like the clear hard plastic kind shown in the picture below. You can click on picture for more information.

2. Small Self adhesives circle labels

3. 1″ magnets – or a size that will fit on the bottom of the clear container

4. Magnetic sheet – I used one from the dollar store that was supposed to go over a register but you could easily purchase self adhesive ones in the size of business cards (or larger) at the craft or office supply store.
5. Paper
6. Craft glue – I used a glue gun but a good craft glue will work too.
7. Permanent marker

To make the pill containers just glue the magnets to the bottom of the containers and use the circle labels for the lids.
Mark the time for medication administration on the lid with the permanent marker.
Make some cards out of card stock and label with the days of the week. I used a computer for this but you could easily write out the labels by hand.

These get glued or taped onto the magnetic sheet. I used double-sided tape for this then covered each label with clear packing tape to protect it.

Arrange the pill organizer on the fridge grouping the medications for each day of the week.

To improve the finished product for the elderly person I take care of, metal strips from the dollar store (magnetic bulletin strip came with magnets too!) were purchased and cut in half so we had one for each day of the week. They hang from a self adhesives hooks on the wall (use the self releasing kind for rental units).

Each strip can be easily removed from the wall and taken to the kitchen table. For outings the small containers can easily come off the strip and be popped into a pocket or a purse.

With this highly visible pill organizer on the fridge or the wall, the senior in your life is more likely to be able to accurately answer the question “Did I take my last dose of medication?”

The chances of missed medication or double dosing is reduced.

If you are taking care of elderly parents this simple DIY project creates a way to organize daily medications and supplements and help them to remain safely independent and self reliant.

More Organization Tips

More Organizing Tips

You will need enough supplies for 8 days of the week. The day of the week when the pill organizer is refilled will have to be repeated. We refill on Sundays so there are always two Sundays. One in use and one for the next week.

If there is a time for both morning and evening that is the same then either use different colored labels or put a symbol on one to differentiate morning from evening. The safest way would be to use numbering from a 24 hour clock but not all people understand this.

If you cannot find any small plastic containers in the dollar or craft store, look in the art department as sometimes these small containers are sold as paint pots…but they are usually more opaque. Make sure the lid comes off easily – it must be secure but easily removable.
Provide a small plastic basket where the empty containers can be deposited.

If you have an idea for a pill organizer or any other way to make life more organized and easier to manage contribute your organizing tips here.

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