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By ken / December 16, 2016
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How to Organize Coupons and Your Grocery List Too
A grocery coupon organizer can help you to organize those important coupons and even your grocery list. Plastic accordion type coupon organizers will hold a variety of paper coupons and have the advantage of being inexpensive.

If you are using grocery coupons to help reduce your family’s grocery bill, coupon organizers are a must have item.

You will need a place to store the coupons once clipped or printed, and a suitable organizer to transport them to the grocery store.

Keeping your coupons organized is the only way to know which ones you have and make sure that you get the maximum advantage from the time spent clipping and saving them.

Be careful not to let clipping, saving, and organizing coupons get control of you and only save those coupons for products that you know you will be using, otherwise you will just end up with coupon clutter and who needs more clutter?
Accordion Type Coupon Organizers

Coupon Organizer Vinyl Pouch

Coupon Organizer categorizes loads of coupons in expandable pouch using twenty four blank file tabs for labeling specific items, shopping sections, stores and more.

Purple Coupon Organizer

Because coupons are worthless when left on the kitchen counter, this stylish organizer assures they’re carried along neatly filed for smart shopping! Cute, polka-dot lining

A DIY Project for Organizing Coupons

Here is how to organize your coupons in a home made binder that will cost you very little and last a long time.


regular school type binder
plastic page protectors (open at the top)
adhesive labels

shopping buggy

using an adhesive label, label each plastic page protector with one of the categories you use for your grocery list
place the labelled page protectors in the binder.
snip and stash your coupons in the appropriate page protector.
grab your coupon binder and go shopping.

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