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How much are plastic storage boxes and what is best to use

By ken / December 13, 2016
Storage boxes for organizing your things

Plastic Storage Boxes
Ideas for Organizing Your Home and Your Stuff

Plastic storage boxes provide a multitude of ideas for organizing your home and all the stuff that is in it.

There are plastic food storage containers, boxes for accessory storage to improve closet organization, and you can even store all your craft supplies.

In fact there are so many home storage ideas for using plastic containers they can be used in every room of the house.
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Clear Storage Boxes – Set of 2
plastic storage Boxes – 18 Gallon (2)
Storage boxes for organizing your things

Tote Boxes – 18 Gallon (2)

Here are a few home storage ideas for organizing your home and your stuff with plastic containers and boxes.

Tip No 1: Store extra electrical extension cords and coaxial cables or computer cables.

Tip No 2: Use one to keep your clean paint brushes in good shape for the next paint job around the house.

Tip No 3: Use large plastic storage containers for all camping supplies.

Tip No 4: Use them for storing the kids’ toys – don’t get them too big or the kids won’t be able to get the toys out on their own.

Tip No 5: Large plastic boxes are also great for storing a fabric collection – separate the fabric by content and store like with like.

Tip No 6: Divided plastic storage containers can be used to store craft supplies.

Tip No 7: Improve your bathroom organization with a few plastic storage containers under the sink to store extra supplies like shampoo and soap.

Tip No 8: Use small clear plastic storage boxes for for small packets of foodstuffs like tea bags or soup mixes.

Tip No 9: Keep one in the car with hand sanitizer, baby wipes, and cloth or paper towels for wiping up spills.

Tip No 10: Improve your closet organization by using clear plastic boxes for storing accessories like belts, scarves, and shawls.

Tip No 11. Small ones make great containers for used batteries before they go to the recycle center.

Tip No 12: Use them for storing CD’s or DVD’s

Tip No 13. Files – store your tax records in clear File Organizer Box designed to hold your files. Don’t forget to stick a label on the outside of the box indicating each year of records in the box. Or see our file manager here

Organizing your home does not have to be a mystery when you have the right containers for your storage needs.
Today there are plastic storage containers for everything imaginable. There really is no excuse not to have your stuff contained in an accessible and safe container.

But there so many colors, styles, and varieties it can be confusing trying to figure out what type of storage solution is best for your needs.
The silent generation was never at a loss for home storage ideas. Anything and everything was re-purposed from its original use to store something else! My dad used old jars to store nuts, bolts and screws in the workshop. He simply fastened the lid to the underside of a shelf and then screwed the jar to it. An ingenious idea really when you come to think of. As long as my mother had her own kitchen she used the large square mayonnaise jars for storing bulk food items like sugar. Her jars have been around for a long time! Mayonnaise is not even sold in those types of jars anymore. We must have gone through a lot of mayonnaise in our family!

Glass jars with rusty lids will not do for food storage containers today. Use them for your button collection instead.

Sure you need containers for buttons, food, nuts and bolts; but what about recyclables, computer discs, books, sports equipment and shoes?
Here are some home storage ideas to help you choose and use the right product for your specific needs.

If possible use containers with hinged or “winged” lids. You just know that the pop off lid is going to go missing so if it is firmly attached to the container you are less likely to lose it!

there are lots of varieties of large plastic storage containers, but just remember that somebody has to lift it or move it so do not pick a size you cannot handle.

plastic storage Boxes – 18 Gallon (2)

Tote Boxes – 18 Gallon (2)
Make sure you label the container so you know what’s inside!

Containers come in both open and closed varieties. The word “bin” is generally used to refer to open storage.

Clear plastic is always the best recommendation because you can see what is inside. The only time clear plastic would not be your best choice is when you are storing something that must be protected from light.

Use a plastic bin for items that you need to access regularly and will not be damaged by exposure to the elements.

Buy stackable containers to make good use of vertical space.

Use specially designed containers for under-bed storage – there is so much space under there that is wasted.

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