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How to Create a DIY Craft Armoire Home Storage Unit

By ken / December 13, 2016

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A craft armoire is simply a cabinet designed for craft storage.

If your home does not have a room designated as a creative studio, a craft cabinet can provide storage and work space. One of the best home storage ideas for crafters without a designated space is to repurpose a wardrobe or TV armoire specifically to store the craft organizers that hold all your hobby supplies.

Everything will be ready when you are and that really makes sense!

An armoire is simply a large freestanding cupboard or cabinet. You can purchase them specially for craft storage or create one from another armoire by adding shelves.

A wardrobe armoire will have shelves in it, since its original purpose was to house folded garments. A narrower version is called a linen press and as the name implies the purpose was for storing folded linens.

A TV armoire will have a large cavity designed to hold a TV and will require that you add some shelving if you want to store your craft organizers and project supplies inside.

You can purchase an exquisite piece of furniture to add character to your home, or you can look in second hand furniture stores for an old one. Paint it whatever color you want and customized the shelving to hold your own assortment of craft organizers, boxes, or bins that hold your hobby supplies.

A craft armoire designed specifically for hobbyists will likely have a work table built into the design but if you repurpose another armoire for your hobby needs you will not have a table in the armoire. In this case you will need to place your new craft storage cabinet near a table so there is a horizontal work surface nearby.
Here are Some Home Storage Ideas to Make the Best Use of Your Craft Armoire

use craft organizers and plastic storage containers to contain supplies and keep them from rolling around in your cabinet. This also makes it easy to transport your supplies to the horizontal work surface.

for horizontal storage keep pens and pencils in plastic storage baskets or a divided cutlery tray.

if you want to store your pens and pencils and brushes vertically, use canning jars or even plain old tin cans – but since you are crafty you will want to paint them!

use L-shaped hooks along the side of the cabinet, (screw in or stick on) or even inside the cabinet for hanging up rulers and scissors. (OK you are not going to want to do this if you purchase a nice piece of furniture but if you have created your own craft armoire from a second hand piece this will improve the efficiency of your new craft storage cabinet).

All of these ideas were put to use in this re purposed wardrobe armoire which is now in use in a well organized craft room. The owner (me!) likes to do scrap booking as well as fabric and sewing crafts.

Drawers hold ironing supplies and the individual craft projects for each child in the family.

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