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How to Make a Bed Using Hospital Corners

By ken / December 13, 2016

Here are the instructions for how to make a bed using hospital corners like the ones used in traditional hospital bed making. Making a bed is easier with a fitted bed sheet on the bottom but hospital corners are still the bed making technique needed to keep the top sheet fastened.

First the instructions for using the hospital bed making technique that uses the traditional hospital corner, then the instructions on how to do the alternative twist and tuck technique.

Whichever technique you choose to control those sheets at the corners is up to you. Try them both and pick the one you like best! I know you will love both these bed making techniques!

How to make a bed using hospital corners

1. Spread the flat sheet out on the mattress that already has the fitted sheet on the bottom and center it. Place the top end of the sheet about 1 inch from the edge of the mattress at the head of the bed.

2. At the foot of the bed, lift the mattress and pull the top sheet snugly under the mattress. Do this at both sides of the bed so that the top sheet is firmly tucked under the mattress.

3. “Eyeball” a line from the corner of the mattress to the side edge of the sheet that is hanging down.

This imaginary line should be at about a 45 degree angle.

4. Using this imaginary line pick up the edge of the sheet at the “sweet spot”.
This will be the only spot where you pick up the sheet from now on.

5. Fold the sheet back over the mattress.
It helps if you put your free hand on the edge of the mattress and fold the sheet over it

6. Tuck in the sheet on the side of the bed that is hanging below the mattress. It should look like a little triangle and that is what gets tucked under the mattress.

7. Pick up the edge of the sheet again, right on the “sweet spot”.

Put your free hand on the side of the mattress this time.

Bring the sheet down over your hand.

See the nice corner you have created?

If you want to use a blanket on the bed, you can put the blanket on top of the sheet and then treat the two layers as one and proceed to make the hospital corner starting from step one.

If you have ever wondered how to make a bed using hospital corners, wonder no more!

Now you know the hospital bedmaking technique!

Making a Bed No Hospital Corners Needed


Traditionally making a bed the “right” way meant using the hospital bed making technique of the mitered hospital corner. Hospital corners work to secure the top sheet at the foot of the bed but you almost need an instruction manual to get it right!

Just because hospital bed making techniques are used in a hospital doesn’t mean they have to be used in your home. Perhaps there are other techniques that will work just as well as hospital corners?

It is not likely that my new twist and tuck technique will be taught in nursing school any time soon. Hospitals are quite conventional places and slow to change. Hospital bed making techniques are firmly cemented in the hospital culture and are not likely to change in the near future. How ever as shown below it is equally effective and very easy to do.

So leave those hospital corners with the nurses and take this new technique and apply it right away in your home.

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Now That Makes Sense!

There is one other advantage to this great technique……no more squished toes!
You cannot get squished toes with this bed making technique because the top sheet is not tucked in at the bottom. It is only fastened at the corners.

This technique is so easy and so simple anybody can do it without an instruction manual! Even if you do manage to kick the corners loose it is so easy to simply twist and tuck them in again! OR put an elastic around the twisted sheet corner and it should stay tucked for as long as you need it to!

Making a bed has never been easier, however, this technique will not work if you have blankets on your bed.

If you want to tuck your blankets in then using traditional hospital corners would be preferable. The twist and tuck technique works well for beds that have only the top sheet and the comforter, or duvet. That is the easiest way anyway. We gave up blankets in our home a long time ago!

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