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How to make your own Closet Storage and Organizer for under $400

By ken / December 13, 2016

How to make your own Closet Storage and Organizer for under $400.
These walk in closet design ideas utilize two different types of bedroom closet systems in order to get that closet organized.

1. Some corner cabinets were found that proved to be a great solution for storing linens and other more bulky items like blankets or pillows. These corner closet organizers would form the end gables for the rods to be fastened to. Unfortunately there wasn’t much left of the short end of the closet but it was necessary to get some hanging and shelf space in there, so the decision was made to go with another type of organizing system that affixes to the regular rod.

2. An old chest of drawers was found that fit the plans so it was painted and new handles applied to ceate the drawer storage that was needed.
Two of the vertical towers were laid horizontally and feet were attached to meet the need for shoe storage.
The legs were removed from the chest of drawers and it was then placed on top of the horizontal unit and attached to the wall to make it secure.
In order to meet the need for open storage, vertical towers were used. These were DIY units purchased at the big box store.
All the cabinetry was fixed to the wall following manufacturer’s instructions and the hardware supplied with the pre-packaged bedroom closet organizers).

3. An existing shelving unit was placed on top of the chest of drawers and it provided more open space for closet storage needs.

4. Finally the ironing storage needs were met by hanging the ironing board perpendicular to the wall on the side of that same tower unit in a special ironing board holder and then the iron was stored on the wall in a special storage caddy.


The final step of the model for organizing your home space is of course to evaluate and enjoy.
Because this walk in closet design was planned using a careful assessment of what the end users wanted it continues to be enjoyed. They report it provides all the closet organization needs they were looking for.

The original estimate from a professional company came in at over $4400 dollars without meeting the expressed need for ironing storage.

This DIY walk in closet design was accomplished for just under $400 by re-purposing some existing items into bedroom closet organizers.

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