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How to organize bathroom clutter the easy way and the Top 5 reasons why its important

By ken / December 11, 2016

Here is how to organize your bathroom using some smart organizational skills that are easy to do.
Ideas and organizing tips for cleaning, purging, sorting, and getting rid of clutter in your bathroom are offered so that you can achieve a more organized home even in this very small room.
Did you know that getting rid of clutter decreases about 40% of housework? Once you know how to organize your bathroom drawers, closets, cabinets and vanity, and keep it that way it will be much easier to keep clean and you will have more time to relax.

Start by having a thorough clean in your bathroom as follows:

Cleaning Tip No One:
Wash the Shower Curtain with Your Towels. Simply¬† throw your shower curtain into the washing machine with some towels and the wet towels will scrub it clean during the wash cycle! Don’t put your vinyl shower curtain in the dryer! Just hang it back up right out of the washing machine and it will drip dry.

Cleaning Tip No Two: Clean every vertical and horizontal surface with Sugar Soap. Sugar Soap is the best product to do this. It does not need rinsing and cleans like a machine. Its a much forgotten secret cleaner for amazing results. Moisture and grime combined allows the growth of mold which can cause allergies. Click the bottle below for more information

Cleaning Tip No Three: Look for any repairs or painting needed and get them done.
If you have a window sill that needs painting, or a cupboard that needs repairing, or a drain (as shown) that keeps blocking , then now is the time to help organize your bathroom and get the repairs done.

Great bathrooms also benefit from remodeling.

How to organize a bathroom drawer
Wipe out the bathroom dresser drawers and make sure all areas are clean.  You can also take this opportunity to line the drawers with a perfumed drawer liner paper to prepare the cabinets and drawer spaces to receive their new contents. This one is Baroque Scented and is beautiful. Click the image for more information, the look at some drawer organizers as shown below
Bathroom Drawer Fragranced Liner
Make use of a bathroom Organizer
Bathroom organizers can bring sanity to your vanity. There are all types of specialty products you can use to corral the items that get used in the bathroom including kitchen cabinet organizers and vanity trays.

For hygienic reasons there are some supplies used in the bathroom that get used only once so it is nice to have a covered container to store them so you can be assured they are clean when you go to use them.

Use counter top, wall mounted or over the toilet organizers for items that you use often so they are readily accessible. Wall mounted organizing products have the advantage of not having to be moved for the frequent counter top cleaning that is necessary in a bathroom.

Hot Tip: Items that are used less frequently can be put away into drawers, stored in cabinet organizers under the sink, or in the medicine cabinet and organized in clear plastic storage boxes.

Many specialty bathroom organizers are available for makeup, toilet paper and even storage systems to hold your hair dryer and curling irons. Don’t let personal equipment for grooming and hygiene, take over valuable counter real estate in your bathroom. Here is a good example of a cosmetic and make up holder. Click the image below to SAVE up to 30%

You may be interested in some DIY renovation tips in which case click here


You can find a place to put items like cotton balls, cotton swabs, makeup sponges, even electric tooth brushes in some of these specialty organizers.

Remove everything from your bathroom and purge what is not needed.
Items are out of place if they do not contribute to the functions that normally go on in that room.

Tip No One: Make sure you return unused and expired medications to a pharmacy that participates in a safe medication disposal program.

Tip No Two: Throw things that are “Out of Place” Go through everything you took out of the bathroom. Get rid of things that are out of place for this space, not loved anymore, worn out or unusable (Mold is always a good sign to throw it out)
This list should include torn towels, half empty bottles, expired or unused makeup items, hardened or outdated nail polish, expired medications or medications with labels that are no longer readable. In short anything that is not useful or unsafe should be tossed.

To see how to deal with Bathroom Towels Click Here

In order to know how to organize your bathroom you have to be able to sort the items that are going back in there, analyze these groupings, then figure out storage solutions for each category.

Here are some suggestions for sorting.

  1. Cleaning supplies
  2. Hygiene supplies such as soaps and body cleansers
  3. Makeup
  4. Hair grooming and accessories
  5. Shaving supplies
  6. Toilet paper

Now that you have everything sorted you can start to figure out where you are going to place each item when it goes back into the bathroom. You will want to make sure that items that are used frequently are readily accessible. Try counter top storage or drawers for these items.


Items that are not accessed frequently can be stored under the sink or placed inside a cabinet.

Here are some bathroom organization ideas for storage areas for personal grooming and cleaning supplies.

Under the sink – cleaning supplies, items that are not used often. Plastic storage boxes can hold extra supplies like toothpaste or soap
Counter top – most often used for tooth brushes, hand soap, hand towels, skin lotion and moisturizers, after shave
Drawers – most often used for flat items like hair brushes, toothpaste, nail files
Over the toilet – decorative items such as rolled or folded towels, storage baskets with small items that are not used regularly
Back of the door – towels, clothing such as robes


Now is the time time figure out the storage solutions for each category of your sorted items.

Storage baskets are great for small items of similar size. You can get drawer dividers to keep your drawer contents tidy and separated in their own compartments.

Perhaps a toilet paper storage stand is in order to hold all the toilet paper right by the toilet where it is easily accessible.

You have to decide what containers are going to hold which items. Take into consideration how often the items get used and their size. This will help you to determine what type of containers are needed.

Plastic or acrylic bathroom organizers are good because they can withstand the high moisture content in this small room.

If you follow these steps for how to organize your bathroom you should have a reasonable amount of success in keeping it organized but there are no guarantees. You create a place for everything but unless everything goes back in its place your bathroom will not remain the organized space you want it to be.

If you start to notice that things are being left on the floor or not returned to their rightful place it is usually because it is not a user friendly system.

If you decide that toothbrushes go in the cupboard but everyone leaves theirs on the counter then perhaps you should provide a place for the toothbrushes to be stored on the counter!


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