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Laundry Room Designs for a Dream Laundry Center

By ken / December 13, 2016

Laundry room designs for organized living might seem like a luxury, but when you consider the amount of time allotted to laundry day in the average home, it is obvious that laundry chores do not get any respect!

The average home design has the washer and dryer in the least desirable and least accessible area of of the home – usually the basement!

One can only ponder the wisdom of putting the laundry center there but since the ability to have automatic machines for washing and drying in your home is a relatively recent phenomenon, perhaps there just wasn’t any other place to put it. Planning for the high humidity and possibility of water leaks may also be a contributing factor to the creepy basement laundry center.

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Thankfully in contemporary society technology has come a long way from the two tub system, but just because you have push button technology does not mean that laundry is not a chore. In fact the modern home does more laundry than in days gone by! You may like to prove that by installig this sign in your Laundry Click the image for more information.

When washing the clothes was a chore that took all day, two sets of clothing were the norm. One set of clothes for laboring and one set for dressing up for more formal functions like weddings, parties and church! The clothing inventory for contemporary families is certainly more than two sets!

One thing is for certain. Your family spends more time on the laundering of clothing often than your ancestors did!! In fact the average house hold does between six to seven loads of laundry per week!

Laundry Room Designs for the Contemporary Home Laundry Center
Here’s a wish list for laundry room designs

No 1: Stacked full size washer and dryer – any space over the washer or dryer is wasted space. Even if you put shelves or cupboards up there you would have to have gorilla arms to reach into them. If you have a large enough laundry room to have a nice window like in the picture okay, but most people do not have that much space.

No 2: Sound insulation – I might have to do operate those machines to complete the laundering chores, but I do not want to be reminded of it all the time by the noise of the machines.

No 3: Laundry room designed just for laundry – ever notice how laundry rooms get messy with dirty clothes and hampers strewn about?. My dream laundry center will be just for laundering so that I do not have to trip over other things (basketballs, runners, coats, snowsuits, galoshes etc) when I am in there.

No 4: Laundry center close to where the “inputs” are! – Why can’t the washer and dryer be close to the bedrooms? That’s where most of the dirty clothes and linens come from! Think how much time can be saved if the trip to the machines from the bedroom is a short one!

No 5: Special “cubbies” assigned to each family member – clean folded clothing and linens could be placed there for them to put away in their own room.

No 6: Towel folding – make those towel bundles neat and all the same size.

Ever wondered how to fold laundry and make neat packages out of a fitted sheet? If you were never able to establish the perfection of proper t-shirt folding click here a horizontal work surface – just large enough to use for folding

No 7: Cabinets and shelving – needed supplies like soap, bleach, and stain remover are best hidden behind closed doors! Preferably in a vertical cabinet space beside the stackable machines

No 8: Drying area – or some small space or drying rack to hang up clothing that needs to be air dried

No 9: A wall mounted ironing board – I absolutely hate setting up the ironing board. And I hate putting it away even more! I would like to have my ironing board ready to go and the iron already plugged in so I could just turn it on with a flick of a switch!

No 10: A soaking tub – A place for soaking or pre-treating stains or soaking some of those bigger items like sheer draperies

No 11: A few spare bins and/or storage baskets for orphaned socks – You never know, the missing mate just might show up.

Do you want a laundry center in your home that works for you and your family?

Since the whole point in creating an organized home is to make your environment work for and support your life, it will be necessary to do an assessment of what it is you really need and want. Your laundry room designs for machine placement, cabinets, laundry hampers and other supplies in your laundry room organization plan can only be done once that is known.

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