Magnetic Paper Towel Holder

By editor / December 13, 2016

Kitchen Storage Ideas that Stick to Your Fridge!

A magnetic paper towel holder is one of many great kitchen storage ideas.

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Mounted horizontally on any metal surface, a paper towel holder that sticks to your fridge is a kitchen storage organizer that sticks!

Magnetic force when applied to your paper towel holder has many advantages. There is no drilling or mounting hardware required, it is easy to re-position or relocate, and it takes your paper towel holder off the counter, which is the most valuable real estate in your kitchen and also the area that is most likely to become cluttered.
OMS Kitchen Organization Tips

Make sure you have the necessary clearance for the paper towel holder on your fridge so that you are not brushing by it or hitting it as you walk by.

standard size paper towel rolls will do best on the magnetic holder – avoid double rolls or super-sized rolls.

Mount it high enough that toddlers (or pets) cannot reach the towels – think how much fun it would be to take a hold of that paper towel and just RUN! (fun for the toddler not for you!)

Think beyond kitchen organization – they are great in the office too! Just stick one on the side of the metal filing cabinet and you have a paper towel at the ready for spills or even runny noses.

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