Pet Food Storage Container

By ken / December 16, 2016

Home Storage Ideas for Bulk Dog Food and More
A large pet food storage container can keep your bulk pet food tightly sealed.

Don’t invite cockroaches into your home by leaving opened bags of pet food available for them to munch on – they will never leave if the cafeteria is open 24 hours per day!

Cockroaches just love pet food!

These large plastic storage containers can do much more than store pet food. Use them for storing bulk bird seed as well and keep the mice and rats away!
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HyperBin is an easy to pack collapsible container for pet food toys cat litter and more.

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You can easily store other bulk items such as flour, rice, lawn seed, lawn fertilizer, and even charcoal in these containers.

Some of them are big enough that you can place the opened bag into the container, or pour the contents directly into the container so you can easily scoop it out.

Selecting Your Storage Container

Don’t just rush out and buy a food storage container for your pet’s food before you think about certain features that you may need to make your life more efficient.

Secure closure – will the container close tightly enough to prevent any four or eight legged creatures from getting in there? This is essential if you want to prevent pest infestations or the probability of an open buffet for your pet.

Easy open and easy close – will you be able to get this container open easily? …perhaps you would like to get it open with just one hand.

Scoop or pour? – does it come with a scoop or an additional handle to make it easy to pour.

Wheels or not – consider whether you may need to move this large storage container. It could be heavy when it is full.

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