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Remote Control Organizer Home Storage Ideas for Organizing the Living Room

By ken / December 13, 2016
remote control organizer

A remote control organizer can tame the electronic clutter in your living room and is one of the best home storage ideas for preserving your sanity.

If you want an organized living room then create a special place for remote controls and then make sure every remote gets back there again. Organizing the living room remotes can be a simple as a well placed storage basket or a specialty product made just for the TV clicker.

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Organizing your living room means finding a place for everything and then putting everything in its place.
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remote control organizer

If we had an organizer like one of these a few years ago our grandson would not have been able to get hold of the remote and press so many buttons that we can no longer figure out how to make it work!

C’est la vie! But we did learn our lesson.

Now his little sister is the one to watch out for! (what is it about the remote control that fascinates toddlers?)

Any one of these styles is easily portable so that you can pick it up and get the controls out of harms way if a techno toddler comes to visit your organized living room!

And don’t forget that a fashionable home storage basket placed by your favorite chair can easily hold all the remote control devices for your electronic and organized living room.

The remote device should control the electronics not you!

The best organizer for the TV clicker is you. As long as you return all the electronic controllers to their designated spot there will be no more remote control clutter.

There is no reason to put up with electronic clutter any more when you have so many home storage ideas to control it.

After all you want to be in control of the remote control and not the other way around!

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