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The Food Storage Container Ideas to Keep Your Food Just for You

By ken / December 16, 2016

A food storage container is one of the home storage ideas for the kitchen or pantry that is essential for food safety and pest control.
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Large containers are great for handling dog food, cereal and other bulk food items.

A vacuum bag sealer system keeps meat, fish and game protected from moisture and freezer burn.

Cockroaches will be attracted to anything organic. If they can live off the organic matter in cardboard they will find your opened packages of spaghetti and nuts a veritable 24 hour cafeteria!
Go to Clearing Clutter is a Cockroach Control Strategy for more about kitchen pests and their relationship to clutter.

Cockroaches aren’t the only potential threat to your food, your home, and your health.

Kitchen moths will lay their eggs in opened rice packages. The larvae look suspiciously like rice kernels except they move! And don’t talk about rats infestations, they are another story all together

Flour weevils will happily take up residence in that opened bag of flour stuck in the back of your kitchen cabinet.
What type of Storage Container Do you Need in the Pantry?

Air tight storage will keep your food fresher
Vacuum Sealed – Another type of air tight storage. You will need both the vacuum seal bags and the appliance to seal the bag.

See the page on the vacuum bag sealers that make a vacuum seal system work.

What type of food storage container do you need?

spices need really small containers and they need to be accessible so you can find them easily.

Magnetic Spice Rack
pet food – You will need a large well sealed container if you want to keep freshness in and your dog out.

Pet Food Storage

Mice and rats – ewww!
cartoon rat with cheese

Rodents just love bird seed so if you are feeding the birds with bulk bird seed you are extending an invitation to mice and rats to come into your home and stay for a while. Why would they leave when there is an ample supply of food?!

So the next time you come home with a package of food (for you, your pet, or the birds!) just remember that other living beings are also attracted to your food and will happily invite themselves to dinner and then not leave!

Place your bulk food items in a well sealed food storage container so that your food is reserved for you.

And these pests are not just attracted to human food. Cockroaches just LOVE pet food. So make sure that the bag of dry dog food you bring home to your best friend is kept in a well sealed container or you just might have uninvited guests that come to stay and who do not want to leave!

Kitchen food storage containers are a must in an organized home. To make sure you always have the right lid for the right container purchase your containers in sets so you do not end up with a bunch of mismatched plastic containers that have no lid.

So go big or go small but keep your food safe for you, and protected from pest invasion

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